Thursday, August 05, 2004

Tattoo spotted

I was getting ice cream the other day at a relatively new shop, Denise's. No sooner had I selected my ice cream flavor (Tiramisu) from the vast array of possibilities, than I spy a tattoo on the girl behind the counter.

Double Take
Now, normally a tattoo on the arm doesn't excite me. But I'm there with a colleague from OCLC, Gregor, and we both realize simultaneously that the tattoo is for the Columbus Metropolitan Library! And that this young, hip, ice-cream-scooping girl, all of 22, is sporting it in its full glory!

Curiosity Took Over
Of course we had to ask.
"Wow, how'd you get that tattoo?" I ask.
Gregor, always the bold one, cuts to the chase. "Is it real?"
It turns out it was temporary, but she seemed surprised at all our effervescence. "Yeah, I got it from a friend who works there. It's cool. [shrug] I like it."

Moral of the story
Now, whenever someone scoffs at you, to say libraries aren't cool with the hip young crowd, tell them about the ice cream tattoo. Kids are branding themselves with your library logos!

If I only had a photo of this event...I would show you.


Anonymous said...

Cool! :) I wish we could make real headway with the library 'image'. The ol' shushing bun-wearer is kinda shopworn, y'know? I wear glasses but I also wear rad jewelry and don't like shushing! :)

Anonymous said...

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