Monday, March 21, 2005

CIL - Web project management

The presentation on Web Project Management was by Jason Clark, and he's obviously been there and done that! He understands what it is to work in a real library where you can plan your day to get lots of "things done!" and have it demolished by one involved reference question, or more likely a series of involved reference questions! He understands schedules and interruptions and priorities and impossible situations. And he understands how to deal with them constructively. The main secret is documentation: Document every decision, so you won't have to make them again. Document every change so you will remember why you did it, and your team members will know why you did it. The phases of a web project are: discovery, research, design, execution, deployment. You have to determine the critical path and not swerve from it. And most of all be flexible! And we all certainly know about being flexible.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent resource for this information is the book Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works ( We use this as our main workflow resource on the OCLC web site. Contains extensive information on how to manage your project as well as example workflow tools you can use right away.

Anonymous said...

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