Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ALA and AccessMyLibrary

Just back at my desk after the pre-ALA briefing session here at OCLC, where we go over everything that's happening around the company, that we'll be talking about at the conference.

I am here to tell you-->there is a LOT going on! When do people sleep around here?

Seriously, in almost every arena of OCLC: community/advocacy/WebJunction, Products and Services, Professional Development, Research--there are cool new things going on and I'm excited to blog more about them from the show.

Open WorldCat is getting seriously cool.

Along those lines, Thomson Gales has something neat I just saw, called AccessMyLibrary.com. The eContent Xtra newsletter explains it like this:

Thomson Gale, a publisher of library reference information and part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced AccessMyLibrary.com, which is its library advocacy initiative designed to help libraries capitalize on Internet search engines as a means of connecting library users with authoritative content.

Can't wait to hear more about it in Chicago!

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