Wednesday, September 07, 2005

State Library of Louisiana Needs Computers

Here's a very real digital divide. People need access to computers and printers to do all manner of things...look for people, fill out applications and endless forms.

This was posted to the Solinet listserv and sent on to an internal OCLC one. Solinet is the network that serves libraries in all the Katrina-affected states.

The State library of Louisiana has sent out this call for computer equipment...
If you are interested and able to send computers, here is the request from the Louisiana State Librarian, Rebecca Hamilton.
"To all--we are in desperate need of computers/printers. We are being inundated with evacuees needing to file FEMA applications, unemployment, search for loved ones, etc. and are coming into our public libraries to use the computers. Our libraries have greatly extended their hours to accommodate the people but they need additional computers and printers.
If you can please put the word out that if anyone wants to help immediately, this is our greatest need."
The specs for the computers:
* Pentium 3
* Windows 2000, prefer XP
* Laser printers if you can still get toner for them

Computers may be sent to:
State Library of Louisiana
701 North 4th Street
Baton Rouge, La. 70802-5232

If you are able to assist them by sending computers, please let Rebecca know via email: Rebecca Hamilton [] just to help them plan. This will help her know what to expect and also help us to know (if necessary) when to stop sending them there. I am sure that we will hear from other states about similar needs."

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