Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google looks for content

I know, I know...everyone's heard it already. But I can't help but bring it up, as it seems the harbinger of what we all know is true: content, content and more content will rule the roost, soon enough.

Read more about the Google+Comcast deal to buy the content side of AOL, from Reuters.

Of course, it's all rumors and innuendo at this point.

ABC TV on your iPod
And just in case you read my fawning review on the new Nano and rushed out to buy one, (Come now, you know who you are...) I have a reason for buyer's remorse: an even more recently released iPod does video. Story from CNET. More photos. (And it comes in black, too, which my fashionista sense says will match more of my "I hang out with graphic designers" wardrobe.
I hear you can watch Desperate Housewives on it? Ah, but will it play CSI?

Perhaps now Alane will finally want to watch some TV... Speaking of TV and ABC, have you seen ABC's mobilestore, where you can download show clips to your mobile phone? Very interesting...

There are apparently more than 11,000 audiobooks in iTunes, too.

New Card
All this happened today AND I got my new library card with my new address on it today. And guess how easy it was?

A heck of a lot easier (and MUCH more pleasant) than most of the other forms, systems and bureaucracy I encountered today. Foreshadowing for the post tomorrow...

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Alice said...

I meant to follow up this post with a exclamation of how easy it was to get a new library card. It was such good customer service that I walked away feeling quite proud to be associated with this industry.

Thank you, library staffers, volunteers, librarians, directors!