Monday, November 21, 2005

Seen on Flickr

Out of the
clubs and
//into the

See the good story on tagging from CNET. Also awesome visual for how Flickr works with Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

That's terrific -- thanks for posting this. In lieu of trackback, my comments are here.

Alice said...

Thanks Luke. Sounds like we are on the same track, as far as incorporating other life-experiences (grocery stores, clubs, etc.) into our libraries--and incorporating our libraries into our other life experiences (book window shopping, etc.)

I just had a thought, too--what if a novel snippet was served to you as an appetizer at a restaurant?

Of course, it would be microcontent--calorie free(!)--and based entirely upon the context of your entree: If you order huevos rancheros, you are served a spicy novel set in ancient Mayan ruins. If you order ravioli, you get a Venician thriller. If you order a stir-fry, you get a Beijing biography! (Of course, if you order vegetarian, you get the award-winners from the category...)