Monday, December 05, 2005

Blog Salon at ALA Midwinter

And speaking of Blog salon, I know you've all been hanging on the edge of your seats, and now you can jump to your feet in euphoria: The Blog Salon is On!

So gear up, get your flickr tabs shined and your Blog People t-shirts ordered, because we'll be hosting Blog Salon II in San Antonio.

Plan on Sunday, January 22 late afternoon around 4.
More details as we have them!


Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I hope this doesn't conflict with the Codrescu program! Codrescu? Bloggers? Codrescu? Bloggers? Maybe I'll just bring Andrei along.

Alice said...

Shoot! I love Andre Condrescu. We had tentatively planned the salon for "same time, same place" type thing, because everyone seemed to be available *last time.*

Hmmm, let me check the suite calendar and see if there is a better time. Thanks TFR!

Anonymous said...

Midwinter has a different schedule and is one day shorter. So, stuff that's usually on Monday at annual, is Sunday at Midwinter. AC promises to be entertaining and irreverent.

One question: Will there be cheese? ;-)

Michael A. Golrick said...

Rochelle is correct....Midwinter and Annual have different patterns (what ALA staff call "skeleton schedules.") If you email me, I'll send you a copy of the Midwinter one.

Alice said...

Do I hear a request for cheese? I was just looking at the catering menu last night. Who likes Guacamole? Chips and salsa is practically a food group unto itself, in my book.

Alice said...

Okay officially now: we're going to move the party to 6:00PM(ish) because we all want to attend the Andrei Codrescu presentation, everyone come, just a little bit later. We may even have gifts (!) if we're lucky.

Anonymous said...

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