Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blurring "Here" and "There"

Here's a sentence to ponder: Suzanne Vega will perform a live concert in Second Life on August 3. New World Notes, a blog covering Second Life, has the details. (Note the author's dual pics....his meatspace self and his digital self)

Her avatar looks like her and will apparently be manipulated--"puppeteered" by her as she performs (not such an easy task as I understand it....we don't yet get to slip on a magic cloak and merge with our avatars).

This is all wondrous to me, as if the sci-fi worlds I loved to read about when I was a teenager are coming to pass. It makes my brain hurt too as I muse on the nature of self and place and being in at least two places at once.

The company making Vega's avatar is making two others, for Howard Rheingold and Kurt Vonnegut who will, apparently, make Second Life appearances.

That's it....I have got to get me an avatar and be in Second Life. I doubt that mine will be age-accurate as Suzanne's is. And I've always wanted wings....


Alice said...

Alane, does that mean I can have my avatar be you--if you're NOT going to be you?

Of course, I could have my avatar be Captain Jack Sparrow... Ca vie?

Alane said...

Well, I'd still be "me" wouldn't I? Just wrapped differently. I'm sure you don't want to trade for the indignities that being almost 50 brings! If it's just that I'm taller....well, that's the beauty of an can be a 6' 2" version of yourself.

Eric said...

OK, Alane and Alice, now my brain hurts! Who's who, now? ;) Alane -- very cool story. I've long been a Suzanne Vega fan.