Monday, November 13, 2006

More childhood books

Okay, my favorite childhood book is The Angry Moon by William Sleator.
It is already out of print , but if there is still a copy of it at the Alva Public Library, it will have my fingerprint DNA all over it.

In fact, now that I think about it--we never actually owned that book. I just ALWAYS got it from the library. The children's librarian there was the best reader's advisory service ever. Maybe that's where I got my "I love the library" gene.

I bought my Mom a copy of the book for Christmas a couple of years ago. To me, it was like I was giving her a sacred piece of my childhood back. To her, I think it symbolized just how looooong ago it was that she was tucking us in, reading us stories, reading us more stories...

I also loved Encyclopedia Brown stories. My Grandmother had me read all the Old Mother West Wind stories. And we heard ALL the Just So stories on cassette.
Just last night I was looking at my cat, who wanted to go outside in the rain. I couldn't help but think of the Cat who walks alone, with her "wet, wild lone and all places are alike to her."

Who else at OCLC is celebrating Children's Book week this week?

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Stu Weibel
The Dewey crowd (Joan, Juli, Giles and Winton)
Also, the

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Add your name to the list!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
We just started over here at Hope to have more by the end of the week. As I noted in my blog, many are travelling this week and our power blogger, Merrilee, is home with her very own new baby girl child who I don't think is reading yet.

Lorcan Dempsey said...

I wrote an entry at

This prompted Andy Powell over at eFoundations to do a post also.

Alice said...

I got a note from Tam, one of the uber-reference librarians here at OCLC, who noted:
"The great, gray, greasy Limpopo River."

My mother read these to me -- again -- the day I got my tonsils out.

Also a favorite -- Polar Express. The ending still makes me cry. (Did not see the movie, but it can't be the same.)

Eric said...

David Bigwood has also posted a favorite book on Catalogablog.

Anonymous said...

Polar Express one of the best I in tears