Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trendwatching for June

The latest issue of Trendwatching is out, and it 's all about how you can have an impact in your community by staying well-rooted. From the blurb, "(This) brings us to the (STILL) MADE HERE trend: the comeback of all things local, all things with a sense of place, and how they're surfacing in a world dominated by globalization."

If you haven't subscribed yet to this newsletter, you really ought to consider signing up. It's free, it's informative, and it has a wealth of information from around the globe about how civilians (that is, non-library workers) are responding to the networked world. This is news you can use, if you're willing to do a little mental translation from the retail environment to the library world.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the link and suggestion..I signed up for news letter in Trendwatching,it's really wonderful and informative..It keeps us update of the trends...Thanks again.
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Stephen said...

The newsletter also notes that there is a publishing trend now -- books about local versus global consumption -- and lists some examples.