Friday, January 04, 2008

Blog salon reminder

Hey everyone. Shame on me for not having brilliant things to say today. I would love to make some political projections, seeing the results in Iowa and anticipating my own involvement in New Hampshire.

But I will refrain from getting too political. Alane and I were contemplating (yes, I know. I miss her, too) what a cool thing it is, that neither gender nor race seemingly has much to do with this election. It's a seriously cool thing--since the image of Jesse Jackson and Geraldine Ferraro still permeate my "I grew up in the '80s" consciousness.

But I am not going to talk politics with you now. We can if you like, in a mere 9 days:
OCLC Blog Salon
ALA Midwinter 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Sunday, January 13
5:30 - 8 pm, Loews Commonwealth, A1.

Wha Hoo and happy Friday!


Rebecca Hickman said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Midwinter. BTW, when I was a Pan Am flight attendant, I had the honor of serving Geraldine and Jesse.

Unknown said...

Let`s vote here and see what people want. Not what we know from the media. Vote here who you want to be president