Friday, February 08, 2008

Jenny Levine and Web 2.0

Okay okay, I am guilty of name-dropping. But Jenny's work on Web 2.0 stuff (gaming in particular) is fantastic and I wanted to make sure everyone had heard about the event going on in Virginia next month.

It's called Changing the Way Libraries Do Business: Meeting the Challenges of the Web 2.0 World, and of course the title alone was enough to pique my interest (oh she that loves change for change's sake!). But on top of that, Jenny is the keynote. And there's a raft of additional interesting people slated to speak, too:
*Kate Sheehan from Darien Public Library
*Jamie Coniglio from George Mason University
*Jennifer Howell from Western Maryland Public Libraries
*Karen Calhoun from OCLC

So it's going to be a good session. I wish they were videocasting it. I can't go, because we've already booked our tickets to go see friends for a long Easter weekend. But take the Maundy Thursday (I know it can be really dead on academic campuses right before Easter) and give your brain an infusion of fresh new and fun ideas.

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