Friday, May 16, 2008

Pasadena PL Asking the Big Questions

Joan Frye Williams forwarded a post from the California Library Association's listserv CALIX about a series of 16 one hour discussions focusing on some of the big issues to come out of the recent PLA conference. The series is being held at several locations of the Pasadena Public Library. Among the questions to be discussed between May 20 and June 11:
  • What if we implemented change with urgency and enthusiasm?
  • What if we didn't make our customers work so hard?
  • What if we were in charge of our customer's experience?
  • What if our focal point was the customer instead of the staff?
Heady stuff, especially to be discussed in such a compressed time period. I spoke to Catherine Haskett Hany, the Communications Director for the City of Pasadena's Information Services. She told me that the goal of this program was to continue the discussion that started among the staff that attended PLA (virtually and in person). She said that so many people had come back energized by what they'd heard, that they wanted to do more than just a straight recitation of programs attended.

Ms. Hany also said that if other librarians were interested in doing a series of programs such as this (HINT, HINT), she'd be happy to discuss how they set it up. Contact her by e-mail for further information.

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