Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Customer Focused Library

There's some great new content to check out on the WebJunction site. The Metropolitan Library System, based in Burr Ridge, IL, and four participating libraries, three public and one academic, engaged a nationally recognized retail space consulting firm to look at what people do while they are in libraries. Research included unobtrusive observation, questionnaires, and videotaping of actual patron behavior.

The result is a short but very useful booklet titled Best Practices for the Customer-Focused Libraries.


Emily Lloyd said...

Nice! Thanks for mentioning--read it myself and passed it on to our Marketing and Merchandising team. Some real surprises for me--ex: "Only 12% of patrons viewed library signage." !

George said...

I was even more perturbed by how few people use the catalog, considering how much time and money we put into that service.