Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shenanigans with Shanachies: the OCLC Blog Salon

You've heard the rumors and they're all true:

The Shanachies are going to be the special guests (along with Michael and Jenny) at the LITA President's Program at ALA this year, and then we'll continue the fun at the OCLC Blog Salon.

OCLC Blog Salon
Sunday, July 12
5:30-8:00 pm
Chicago Hilton, Boulevard Room C (2nd floor)

It's definitely walkable from the Intercontinental to the Hilton--but it's something like 1.5 miles--so wear your trainers or hop a quick bus. If you do walk, just head south on Michigan Ave. and you'll see the Towers on your right, across from Grant Park. Go up the big stairway in the front, but instead of heading into the Grand Ballroom (like you did on Friday for the OCLC Symposium), head towards the front windows and make your way to the Boulevard Room C where we'll be whooping it up.

The Shanachies (Erik Boekesteijn, Jaap van de Geer, Geert van den Boogaard) will have all their video equipment at the Blog Salon--so come out and meet them and other like-minded bloggers, tweeters, 'tubers, coders, developers and generally anyone interested in tech/social/outreach/frivolity. You may be in the next Shanachie movie!

The Blog Salon is sponsored by OCLC bloggers (official and less so) and the OCLC Developer Network.

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