Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Just heard a story on NHPR's Word of Mouth about a very cool project called PieLab. You might have read about it in Fast Company recently. It's basically built on the premise that when conversations start happening in a community--and young people/designers are involved, good things will come out of it. It's another idea to come out of Project M, which is a really interesting workshop group of people who come together to envision a better world through design. And they're making it happen. Sort of like a Rural Design Studio for graphic design/creative thinkers. (And you remember when I swooned after I read Rural Studio, don't you? That was after Frank Lloyd Wright but before Room to Read).

I am so taken with this idea, I want to drive to Greensboro, Alabama right now and visit PieLab. But at 1500 miles away, I guess I will have to wait for the t-shirt. Or give PieLab investments as Christmas gifts. Applaud this idea wholeheartedly.

Maybe we should start serving pie once a month in our libraries? Here's a video to help you get in the spirit:

PieLab Promo from Project M on Vimeo.

What sorts of inspiration might we draw from this for our own community spaces within and around the library?


Suzie DeGrasse said...

This is indeed a fantastic idea: thank you for sharing because I doubt I would have found it on my own. Maybe I will try it in my own library! Greensboro is 5 1/2 hours from me; if I go I'll let you know!

Alice said...

Rock on--if you go you have to take photos and post them for us! And if you implement it in your library then you DEFINITELY have to take photos for us! (or perhaps we'd settle for your pie recipe.)