Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reagan Library workers claim age discrimination

From NPR: Reagan Library volunteers were relieved of their duties, because they were too old. Of course, many of them are younger than the President, when he left the white house.


Anonymous said...

It's all good, since this is exactly the moment The Scan drools for. As soon as we get rid of those dinosaurs, we can get some young blood in there and really get cookin'.

See, for example, Scan page 72 and 74.

Alice said...

Uh...why do I feel like my slip is showing?
While I do represent the "young blood" demographic...and have many times railed against *old people* --the truth of the matter is, you can have 25 year-olds who are stodgier than dirt and 75 year-olds who are free-thinkers with the best of them.
Anyway...it sounds like you're ready to cook! Me too, with friends and coworkers of all ages.