Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Library on YouTube

I just read Alane's post. Yes!!! We've been talking internally about blogs and blog etiquette. I have been a big raving lunatic about the fact we (meaning libraries) should be even more on YouTube.

I went on today, to do a little research. Boy, was I suprised to see that there were 2908 entries on library. I watched more than a few giggling, shushing of each other by high school kids. I saw a skateboard video that took place outside the library (apparently the library had good skateboarding steps) and I saw one video that was of a high school library: the narrator pans the room and comments how empty it is.

Of course, I saw some inspiration YouTubers, too--can't wait to put heartfelt, entertaining video up about libraries. As Alane said to blogs, I say to videos! (and more!)

Random fact-find: The Starbucks Marketing scorecard

UPDATE (by Alane): And this video is an excellent, fun, professional example!!

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