Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bronx Lab School Shout Out

Regular readers of these posts may remember my piece about a group of students from the Bronx Lab School in New York City who were going to ride the Ohio leg of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. They completed their ride last week, and their journal of the trip is now online. Each of the students took a turn at writing the entries, and if these comments don't move you, check your pulse.

My favorite quote is from Edrina. On the seventh day, the students were in northeastern Ohio and had a lot of hills to conquer. There was considerable discussion about whether they should attempt to ride the bikes over the hills, walk them, or take portage in the vans. Edrina is quoted by Kevin as saying, “The hills are like life, where we will always find obstacles in our way that we have to climb and if we give up before we get to the end, we’ll never get past it.”

The pride of OCLC, Chuck Harmon, laid out the route in Ohio and accompanied the students on their ride. He tells me these kids were as great as they seem to be in their journal.

If you have ever complained about kids today, you owe it to yourself to spend half an hour reading this journal and looking at the photos. It could cheer up anyone!

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