Friday, September 05, 2008

"Above the Fold"

One of the things that people frequently ask us is "What are you reading now?" Eric Childress has hooked up a feed from WorldCat to the front page of this blog to show what he's reading. Lorcan Dempsey's blog regularly features notes on his vast reading. I am almost done with Book 3 in my Laubach course, so I will be adding to that soon.

Now there's a new newsletter from OCLC Programs and Research and IBIS Communications called Above the Fold. In the words of Jim Michalko, Vice President, RLG Programs, "Our intent is to pull together articles that relate to the work of the RLG Partnership and the information context in which we're all operating -- but that you might not see in the course of your regular awareness routines. Each citation will include a short annotation explaining why we think the article may be of interest to you. And each note will be attributed to the staff member whose thoughts on the issue and its relevance can be tapped."

Free subscriptions to Above the Fold, and other OCLC newsletters, are available here.


Anonymous said...

The Above the Fold newsletter looks very interesting. Followed the link to subscribe (to Manage my OCLC e-mail preferences) and couldn't find Above the Fold anywhere. Went to the URL for Above the Fold and couldn't find an RSS subscribe button, plus Bloglines couldn't find an RSS feed. I've started the morning sad because I can't subscribe to very interesting site.

George said...

Please don't be sad, my anonymous friend. I just checked and there is a subscription form available at: