Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Library Building on Wired Campus

The Chronicle's Wired Campus blog has an audio feature on the library building as part of their Tech Therapy segment.

Interesting, as one of my predictions from 2006 of what would extend the library brand too far--that is, treadmills in the library--has now apparently been envisioned for Goucher College.

I love to admit I was wrong about the future. Me, I have to underline things in order to read them intensively. But college students today are probably much less hung up about such things. Flexibility in thought, schedule and outlook on life reigns supreme these days.

Or maybe I just like their restaurant name so much, I am willing to concede that some people would be able to read Descartes on a treadmill.


Daniel said...

I'd love to have a treadmill with a book mount. I already do audiobooks while I work out. Currently doing Hard Call by Senator John McCain.

Did you see the miniseries Dinotopia? That featured talking dinosaurs treadmilling their way through scrolls.

Alice said...

I didn't--is it this site?

Dinosaurs on treadmills sounds pretty crazy.