Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Indexing Uncooperative Cats

Art Rhyno is a funny guy (despite the fact that he lives in that Honduras-of-the-North, land of my citizenship). After the Google news yesterday flooded the web and the blogosphere, Art posted 4 funny, completely fake (please note this, Google legal staff) press releases.
Here's the first one.

Google to Index Dog Droppings
Press snippet: In a major initiative, Google will index the geometric properties of dog droppings around the world. Searchers will be able to upload pictures of the offending materials and be matched instantly with the dog that created them. "We are limiting this to dogs in the first phase" said a spokesperson from Google, "the cats are too uncooperative at this point".

Go to Art's blog, LibraryCog, to read the other equally amusing three. Thanks, Art, for a laugh.

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excatedra said...

What it is? a search engine for dogs? I do not understand. I am sorry.