Friday, December 03, 2004

OCLC Symposium - A Reelly Reelly Big Shew

I don't know how I missed mentioning this. George--yes, this blog's George Needham--is going to be the host and moderator of the forthcoming OCLC Symposium at ALA (blogged here a few days ago). See, worth coming just for this, right?

There's another "it's all good" thing, though. Through the efforts of Wendy McGinnis, OCLC's Director of PR, John Beck, the co-author of Got Game (also mentioned here a few days ago) has agreed to participate in the Symposium. Don't worry if you've not read Got Game...there will be an author-signing at the OCLC booth. Details will be posted here and on the OCLC web site closer to ALA.

And this has nothing to do with anything else in this post, but I wanted to note the passing at 84 of a great Canadian personality: author, journalist and broadcaster Pierre Berton. I discovered this late because neither the Columbus Dispatch (the local newspaper), NPR, or my digest of the New York Times noted his death, which is as if Canadian newspapers had ignored the death of someone of the stature of Tom Brokaw. Although it's hard to imagine that Mr Brokaw's last television interview would have been on how to roll a good joint.

Said Pierre, "If people who are of age want to have a smoke, let them have a smoke, I say."

Probably a good thing he decided to remain a big frog in a small pond and not move to the US like Peter Jennings, and John Roberts.


Anonymous said...

You mean, the same symposium you didn't link to or provide a date/time/location for? Just checking, because I was interested and starting googling, couldn't find anything current, and then my mind wandered elsewhere. But it can wander back again if you just tell me a little more.

Anonymous said...

I believe the reference is to the ALA midwinter meeting --- where the OCLC Symposium - Gaming and the Significance for Information Literacy Learning - is listed -- here in Excel format (?) -- but I could be wrong...

I'm just a lowly yezbick.

Alane said...

I am fascinated....what is a yezbick?

George said...

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Pierre Berton. Growing up in Buffalo and being a devout listener and viewer of the CBC, I heard Mr. Berton's delightfully rich voice many times. His take on world events was always just a little different, and he added greatly to my earliest understanding of the variety of cultures and world views that are possible. His reason and thoughtfulness will be missed.

Oh---and I'm looking forward to hosting the symposium. I heard several of the speakers at the members Council meeting in October (see my earlier post) and know that anyone who attends is in for an illuminating and enjoyable time!

Anonymous said...

What's a yezbick? If only I could answer that question...A problem of human reality I suppose. I know that I'm currently looking forward to beginning my studies in LIS at Wayne State U. come this spring. Other than that -- I can't answer definitively -- or briefly -- without creating mass confusion for myself and others around me.