Sunday, June 26, 2005

Library blogger salon

The conveyed wisdom of the librrary blogger salon:
(entered by their own hands):
Quite dangerous to leave this laptop sitting out with all these librarians sloshing around with glasses of free wine. Mwahahahahaha!!!

Greeting to all of you in library land. Peace be with you! --Christopher the Curmudgeon

Despite the fact that we are in Chicago, and not Wisconsin, there are no little cocktail weenies, only cheese. Plenty of yummy veggies, though.

OCLC is providing lovely orange vinyl bags that will hold many bottles of beer.

Yes, I think I'm inspired now to start a blog entitled ...

schwag? did someone say schwag? : ) - - sherri from ::schwagbag::

The library bags are ideal for holding swimsuits, as they have a net bag on the side. I haven't seen a group of librarians having this much fun ever--usually, one wants to pump laughing gas into the room to ease one's own discomfort, and to see the old sourpusses smile.

Library bloggers are loud peeps. It figures they'd have a lot to say. Thanks to It's All Good for the fun times --- Laura from

this is a landmark event! the energy and camraderie in this room is unbelievable. it's been so awesome to watch connections being made and offline friendships forged. it's all very collegial--and spirited! i hope that we can make this an annual event, sponsored or not. thanks george, alane, alice and OCLC. w00t!--rochelle/ + raccoon

Everyone still seems to be having fun. It looks like a golden night for the I-don't-get-out-much crowd. Puzzingly, not a lot of the cheese has been eaten. When I noticed this, I took the better stuff.

Great party. Lots of booze. Lots of bloggers. When worlds collide....

Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! [says Laura, of]

These people won't shut up long enough to stuff the complimentary veggies and cheese into their talk holes!! Who would have guessed???
-jenel LoC.

About 85 people here have cameras, so be sure to check Flickr for pics.

OCLC just announced they're going to do this every year, only more alcohol next time! :-)

Yay, OCLC. Thanks for the pretzels!

This has been awesome! Thanks OCLC! Really incredible meeting so many people I read everyday and sometimes correspond with--absolutely amazing! Mark

Wow. What a fine evening.

Overheard: "This must have been a good party...I found a bookmark in my shirt."

OKay this is Alice and "It's All Good!"

And I'd just like to document: this was Alane's idea!

Bloggers rule!


Jane said...

I did not get a turn at the keyboard, but OCLC rocks my socks. It was important to all of of us to have a place to meet and chat offline. There are so many funny stories to tell...

Anonymous said...

I got a turn at the keyboard, but no bookmark in my shirt. I must have missed something ...

Anonymous said...

P. S. You're on LITAblog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great party! Meeting all sort of neat folks was a great way to end a long day. Sorry I couldn't stay longer. (I must've been more tired than I thought: I forgot to grab an orange bag on my way out. Grrr.) I took a handful of photos, which I'll post after I get them developed.

Anonymous said...

Lovely party. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Hope to see you all again.

Jenn Riley said...

Thanks to OCLC and the It's All Good folks for the hospitality and amazing company! You rock.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I missed a family reunion or something. Further lamentation can be found here.

With you all in spirit,

-Michael Porter

Anonymous said...

Fabulous party! It was definitely a highlight of the conference for me. Thanks for getting everyone together and I look forward to the next blogger salon at ALA 2006.
--Meredith (Information Wants To Be Free)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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