Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Being Included is So Important

As long as it's on the right list.

Lists I am not happy to be included on:
1. Not-yet-included-in-our-service-area
2. Customer-prone-to-return-items
3. Fines for overdue materials

Lists I am happy about:
3. Newest customer for the local plumber (we can now use our gas stove!)
2. Sales of existing homes for September (bubble, schmubble)
1. IAG on Technorati Blog finder under "library" and "libraries" (okay, so I got the metadata wrong, but at least it demonstrates the absolute power of metadata!)

Whoo Hoo!
Plus, 288 links from 100 blogs.


Anonymous said...

Adding to Alice's very sensible and restrained peeves: Being charged for holds and patron-purchase-requests. Why do libraries erect irrational non-economically sensible obstacles that prevent enthusiastic library use?

Alice said...

Exactly. Enthusiastic library use is what we're all about. (Library use of course includes Web, e-mail, phone, chat AND in-person walk-up!) No shushing the enthusiastic user! (No disrespect intended to Nancy P.)