Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ads during the Super Bowl

Yes friends, this is a post for the Yanks among us. If you are not based in the U.S., I am hard-pressed to explain the cultural significance of the SuperBowl. Suffice it to say, I watch it mostly for the commercials.

So here I sit watching the Steelers vs. Seahawks on the Biggest Day of the television advertising year. So far (the game's not over), my top favorite commercial is the Dove campaign for real beauty.

Watch the commercial, and then tell me if this isn't a brilliant move for the beauty manufacturer. It invokes the heart, invites me as a viewer to participate, and generally makes me believe that Unilever cares about the self-esteem of girls growing up today.

My second favorite is probably the first ESPN mobile Sportsheaven, (See the commercial under the "unveiled" section) where it shows a regular guy walking down the street, watching his mobile phone while all these athletes do their thing around him.

Okay I did like, too.

Honerable mention:
The Budweiser commercial "Clydesdale American Dream" where the little horse is pulling the Budweiser carriage, and then the camera shows the older horses pushing it from the back. Somewhere I think I read that Budweiser mandates that one of their Super Bowl commercials must always be a sentimental clip with horses. This one worked for me...

The Hummer3 commercial was clever--a little slow to develop to the punchline--but a unique take nonetheless.

Did anyone else see the game? Any other noteworthy ads?

I WAS sitting here wishing there was a "Support Your Library" commercial being queued up...even though I know that doing a SuperBowl ad is the quickest way to waste marketing money!


Ms. OPL said...

The Dove one was nice, but I have to vote for the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial (the little horse that could) as my favorite/the best. gets my vote for the worst, followed closely by Nationwide Insurance. I read that it took 14 submittals for to get an ad approved by ABC--the rest were too raunchy.

My husband and I decided that most of the commercials weren't aimed at us anyway--we're over 50. Advertisers don't think we have any money to spend (WRONG!) or are not susceptible to advertising (RIGHT!)

And the game was okay, too.

Alice said...

Agree--I didn't like the at ALL!

Anonymous said...

...and yet, here we are talking about it...contributing to the buzz...