Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hp's Fingerskilz campaign

Has everyone but me seen this campaign?
HP's Fingerskilz.
I think it's brilliantly-timed, brilliantly executed, clever and has obviously made headlines. (Of course, the other most e-mailed stores were about tacos and ice cream--so go figure, it's summertime.)

Love the tagline, "The computer is personal again" and the idea that a bored employee created these movies while at the office.

Now, as a marketer, I think this is brilliant. As a customer, do you think it is brilliant--or duplicitous?

Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

It would have been cooler if that little piece of paper had been real. Without, it's just "movie magic" which is no longer impressive.

Alice said...

Agreed. I was disappointed when I found out the fingers were actually computer-generated. But then, of course, I could marvel at the wizardry of the animator!

Anonymous said...

The hands aren't animated... just the ball. I still think it's a clever way to sell computers at a time when millions are being spent on the world cup. Compared with the usual rubbish i think they done good. I enjoyed it and I don't even like soccer.

Would I buy a Dell...? er sorry which one was it? oh yer, Sony. Probably :)