Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Have we mentioned this? Perhaps not, but seeing Paula Hane has just written about it at Information Today, it's time to say...coming soon, to a search box on your screen, it's WorldCat.org

As Paula writes, "The WorldCat.org search box will make visible all 70-plus million records in the WorldCat database—not just the smaller data subsets of 3.4 to 4.4 million currently made available by the Open WorldCat partner sites, such as Google, Yahoo!, and others. And, where Open WorldCat inserts “Find in a Library” results within regular search engine results—where they can get lost—WorldCat.org promises to provide greater visibility and accessibility of library materials. "

Yes! All the records! Outside the "closed silo"!

You can be sure you'll see a WorldCat.org search box here at IAG as soon as it's ready.

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Anonymous said...


it's certainly great to see data beginning to bang against the walls of the silo, plaintively whining to be let out... ;-)

I can't trackback to Blogger, so thought I'd leave you this comment to point at a response I've posted on Panlibus.

And I look forward to having a play with worldcat.org next month...