Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still no luggage, but other goodies

It's Wednesday. The luggage has been gone since Friday night. I have to wait out today before I can make a claim to US Airways. I finally broke down last night and bought new toiletries, a replacement trackball, etc. Funny how not having my toothbrush or my trackball has made me really grumpy the past two days.

Good news is, I have two interesting tidbits to share with you:
Additional blog posts in the works--want to tell you about Ben McConnell's talk last week for his book, Citizen Marketers! (of course, my coveted signed copy is IN MY LOST LUGGAGE!)

Ah well. The sun is shining, and tomorrow is March 1.


library2.0 said...

I reviewed shelfari, along with gurulib and librarything back in october if your interested.
Here's the link:-
Hope you get your luggage back soon.

Alice said...

Cheers and thanks, library 2.0!

And good news to report: On Day 6 of the lost luggage saga, the bag magically appeared on my back doorstep.

Think someone read my posts?