Friday, November 30, 2007

Long live ILL

Or Resource sharing, as I am wont to call it by my brand-hat-wearing self.

One of my colleagues sent me a college student's post The Interlibrary Loan Blues this morning about the agony of waiting for his ILL-requested book. The suspense of it basically takes over his mental life--that's how important ILL can be for people.

So just when you start to think that everything is electronic and who actually uses monographs anymore, anyway? (Much less is willing to wait for them?) Just read Mr. Plexiglass to yourself and be reassured.

And a completely nonrelated, gratuitous photo taken 9 weeks ago...

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K.G. Schneider said...

The other message I get in this is that ILL could be a lot friendlier in advising us of the process of a book. I go through ILL jags when I'm doing research where I request a big ol' pile of books and I'd really, really like to be able to track them the way I can track other types of shipments. But I'm guessing most libraries aren't pouring cash into their funky old ILL functions.

I like the idea of scan-to-ILL, but still, until libraries are doing that more frequently, giving us poor ol' ILLers some warm fuzzies that yes! we will get to read the book! would be awfully nice. kthxbye