Tuesday, July 08, 2008

America's Libraries in the 21st Century

If you did not get to the ALA Conference in Anaheim, or if you were there and didn't get to attend the ALA Office for Information Technology Policy's program titled "America's Libraries in the 21st Century," drop whatever you are doing and watch this program, now.

Three of the best thinkers and speakers in our business are on the podium, presenting in this order: Joan Frye Williams, Stephen Abram, and Jose-Marie Griffiths.

After a lively Q and A session, Dave Lankes concludes the program with one of his patented, soul-stirring, "Come to Dewey" summations that would make Clarence Darrow or William Jennings Bryan proud.

This is the best 90-minute investment you'll make in your career this year.

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