Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Checked out Cuil

I checked out Cuil, tempted by the Chronicle's coverage of the new, "bigger than Google" search engine. Not thrilling, IMO. But maybe it will grow on me. It does have a nice black screen, which might save lots of energy--but it might not. Did I mention we want to see Wall-E last weekend?


waltc said...

I thought Blackle's "energy-saving" claims were pretty much established as urban legend--unless you have one very specific CRT display. For those of us with LCDs, Blackle uses more energy, although it's trivial.

And CUIL's black screen is only there until you key in a search term. Do many people actually sit on the search box for more than a few seconds? (That's assuming they ever actually go to the site directly--lots of us, I suspect, initiate most searches from the browser's search box.)

My own take is that CUIL launched before they ran stress tests--and that their image-acquiring algorithms need to be scrapped and entirely rewritten. Always interesting to see a little competition, though.

Alice said...

And you can see I was taken in by urban legend!! Of course, it was only recently that I changed my second monitor to be LCD instead of CRT. The CRT actually gave better resolution, but it finally bit the dust.

I agree though, Walt, having someone run with you always makes you run a little faster.