Saturday, September 06, 2008

people are content. networks are collections.


This little tweet warmed my heart when I first saw it last week. I wasn't following Jeremy, but saw his tweet because I have a WebJunction twitter search set up on one of my Google tabs (you can also see a feed on our About Us page).

First, it was great to see because in preparation for our relaunch on the new platform, our team had done some extra work getting new topic areas ready - particularly in the areas that we'd heard from our members that they wanted content or resources, but they just hadn't been collected yet. My colleague Betha went to work creating a nice set of collection development resources as part of this effort and it was very nice to see that it was being noticed.

But perhaps more importantly, it was the way Jeremey said it. "I'm a resource..." This is exactly what we hoped to better facilitate on the new platform - people as resources to one another - and this was one little testament to the possibility that we're on our way.

Thanks Betha, and Jeremey, for being a part of it all.


jmgold said...

You are very welcome. I love the work that has been put into Webjunction and I'm honored that I was able to assist the efforts in some way.

bigboid said...

Hmmm... we've been treating people like resources for some time in my line of work. But then again, our people are our best product! When performing Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance (AKA, SETA support) to the government, our people's expertise is the true product.