Friday, December 10, 2004

Movie Reviewers

Just came across (I know, I'm so behind these days) the call for movie reviews of The Librarian.
I heard the film was not living up to its full potential...though I have not yet seen it and do admire Dr. Carter's character evolution on ER through the years.

It's on TNT again tonight at 11:45 pm. Post your comments on ref:blog:spot.

Carrot for the idea. Stick for the execution?

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George said...

The ones who should be executed are the director and the producer. And you can toss in the writer, too. To paraphrase Boris Kolenkhov in "You Can't Take It with You," "Confidentially, it stinks."

"The Librarian" was pretty awful. As much as I like the cast (especially Bob Newhart---has that man ever made a wrong move on screen?), there was not a scintilla of originality or creativity in the whole movie. Every scene was derivative of something we've seen before.

If this movie had been called "The Taxidermist" or "The Certified Public Accountant," we would all be justifiably ignoring it. But just because the lead character was nominally a librarian--- despite a lack of credential---we are all taking it WAY too seriously. One of my colleagues here at OCLC said that if they want to make a sequel, it should be called "The Librarian: Quest for the MLS."