Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Debate on Google Print at NYPL

Now, here's an event I'd love to attend. November 17 at New York Public Library: THE BATTLE OVER BOOKS: Authors & Publishers Take on the Google Print Library Project. The event is cosponsored by Wired magazine and the panelists are luminaries in their worlds: Allan Adler, Association of American Publishers; Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine; David Drummond, Google; Paul LeClerc & David Ferriero, The New York Public Library; Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School; Nick Taylor, The Authors Guild . (Hmmm, all guys...) You'll recall that NYPL is one of the "G5".

No indication of the event being podcast, but perhaps an attendee or two could blog it?

(Noted on Dave Winer's Scripting News blog.)

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