Friday, November 04, 2005

Micropayments for microcontent

Remember this bit, from the Environmental Scan?

It's becoming reality--and fast.
Check out the NYT article this morning, "Want 'War and Peace' Online? How About 20 Pages at a Time?"

Of course, nothing in the article about Open WorldCat...but there was a story out of Members Council that was pretty cool:

Apparently a Member was coming in for October 2005 Council from the U.K., and he was stopped by Passport security and queried.

"What is Member's Council? What is OCLC?"
And while this librarian started to explain about what the cooperative is, the security person listened for a minute and then cuts him off,
"Oh, you mean WorldCat? Oh yeah, I use WorldCat all the time on the Web!"

Purrr, purrr. Sometimes micropraise is all that is required.

But I AM wondering if Google and Amazon could present the "Find in a Library" option alongside the microcontent--especially if the searcher's library already owns the eBook?


Anne Prestamo said...

I'm also wondering if/when we're going to see a "Find in a Library" link on results pages in the beta or more specifically's+travels&prev='s%2Btravels&sig=2ifwdf8AqlhA_6Ic-BOInUvIcY8

I see links to buy the book, but not to "Find in a Library"

Alice said...

Hello Anne from Stillwater! I have spent many fond moments in the bagel shop next to Eskimo Joe's...and I'd love to know if Google is reading our string. Hellooooo? Google??? Are you reading this post? Perhaps we should start a massive e-mail campaign to Google, from librarians and library staff members, about how we'd like "find in a Library" presented alongside options to buy...
We have strength in numbers, we could do this.