Friday, April 28, 2006

Microsoft sponsors social software spin-off

So you know it's here to stay...Wallop. Check out the bouncing jello jiggler cube.
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Andy Havens said...

Microsoft has been mucking around and making noise about Wallop for... oh... years? See this Wired note a la late 2003:

What's amusing to me is that the site still says almost nothing about what the thing really does beyond that it's "social software." OK. Is it a blog engine? A wiki? A Friendster clone? tagging something-or-other for sharing bookmarks? Facebookish? Am I hot? Does it have a calendar function? Is it for viral, social networking business-type stuff? Saying that it's "Social Software" is pretty vague. Oh, well. Give it another few months to get out into a live beta and maybe we'll see...

Alice said...

My guess is, like everyone else the people at Wallop wanted to get something out there--so they could point to a specific milestone to say, "We've made some progress here."

And to me, seems like in business and software development today, you don't have to have everything absolutely figured out and nailed down before you start to talk about it. That's how you get feedback, hear what people think about things. Before you invest lots of time and energy into them.

It also goes to show that just because You have launched the latest service/something at your library back in 2003--your customers might not have heard about it then. So when you do another "ta-da" news release in 2006, you may be reaching new people for the first time...who will be excited and eager to learn more!

Andy Havens said...

Yeah... but, if you're like me, and you read about Wallop back in 2003... and 2004... and 2005... then this becomes "The Boy Who Cried MS Wolf." When is it OK to talk about a service/feature before it comes out in order to drum up a little PR, and when is it, frankly, embarassingly stupid to keep yanking on the air horn, yelling, "Here we come!" when the truck is just sitting there?

If a SOCIAL product is in the pipe for 2+ years and they still can't give any more details about what it can/will actually do... to say nothing about opening up a public beta... that's not "getting something out there." That's just, as grandpa said, "Whistling while you fish." It may sound nice to you and your buddies, but it don't do no good and may actually scare off the fish.

I say it's bad marketing. After 2+ years of nothing to show, they need to not talk about it until there's something to show.

David said...

I found this amusing - Put in your email address to be notified when they launch and if you live over in the UK, spend an entertaining few minutes wondering why you cannot put an @ sign in you email address. Then realise that these folks have not figured out that there are different keyboard layouts in various parts of the world. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence does it. A bog standard web form would have sufficed, but Nooo - they had to go do something cool.