Thursday, March 29, 2007

social computing specialization

This is cool - posted by OnlineCommunityReport:

The University of Michigan has launched what they describe as "the nation's first graduate degree specialization in social computing". The Social Computing Specialization of the School of Information prepares students to serve as online community strategists, social network analysts, and other positions relating to online community. Congratulations to Paul Resnick and colleagues at the University for the design and launch of a terrific program.

Indeed. Almost makes me want to go back in time!

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Ms. T. said...

Managers in non-profit organizations could benefit from the information and skills developed within the Social Computing Specialization coursework. Expanding their face-to-face interactions to interactions online would provide additional oppurtunities to market their services and establish relationships with potential supporters. Reduced operating budgets over the last several years have forced managers to seek innovative methods to perform necessary tasks.