Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Silliness

OK, Karen S, for some reason (could it be she visits regularly?), caught my inference in the previous post to a blog with no reason for being except to post unbearably cute pics of animals.

Cute Overload! probably beats all library blogs for traffic and links, probably even The Shifted Librarian at 3.5 million page views a month. What does this say about us a a highly evolved species? What does it say about me that I am--and probably Karen too--among those millions of visitors? How can IAG even hope for traffic like this?

Well, posting a cute animal picture can't hurt.

Casper, 5 months old


kgs said...

Who's a pretty puddy!!! See how that worked?

Anonymous said...

Looks like work-related research to me. Didn't OCLC feature a poster of librarians' cats a few years ago?

Seriously, if all you were reading was related to your work, I'd suggest a long vacation.

PS I'm a librarian, but Blogger hosts my personal blog and so that's my "identity" for comments on other Blogger blogs.

Ivan Chew said...

It's so white! Ah, is that why he's called Casper? :)

Alane said...

Wrenaissance Woman, you are correct that we had a cat poster several years ago. Did the cats belong to librarians? I've forgotten! But it was made to promote the OCLC cataloguing service for low acquisitions libraries--CatExpress--and was very popular.

Ivan, that's exactly why Casper was so named. But also because he appeared on October 31, Halloween, up a tree at my house, waiting to be rescued. He was about 6 weeks old and was probably dumped off because we had a barn.

Karen, do you think if libraries started animal shelters as a side endeavour, they'd get better funding?