Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WorldCat gadget now available on Google Gadgets

Exciting news! In addition to a cool downloadable search box (in customizable colors) that you can add to your blog or Web page (see ours at left, if you click through from your RSS reader), and browser toolbars, NOW you can also add a WorldCat gadget to your personalized Google page.

Happily, I have done it here:

Of course, if you're a Resource Shelf reader, you're thinking smugly to yourself, Ah Ha! Done! Downloaded! Awesome.
What other neat gadgets should I ask the WorldCat team to think about building for us?

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Alice said...

While being excited about the Google gadget, I did want to note my concern a couple of days ago about the New Orleans images in Google Maps. But they did NOT swap out images in Google Earth, at least.