Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New WorldCat keyword widget

Released this weekend, the WorldCat keyword widget is pretty darn cool. You'll have to scroll down, though, to see it on our antiquated page layout (if you still read on the big screen, rather than your aggregator). Perhaps (sigh) it is time for some actual design skills to help us out here at IAG. I am feeling the need for some visual freshening. Or perhaps it's just spring fever.

Our original intent in keeping It's All Good in its current polkadotted fashion was to encourage everyone in libraries or library school who, like us, had limited design skills, attention spans and hours in the workday to devote to blogging to consider its merits and see how easy it was. "See," we said, "See how we're using it in the totally out-of-the-box, you don't need special tools way." But by now that ship has sailed...

But back to the WorldCat Keyword search widget. Designed especially for content pages or blogs that are relatively narrow in scope, you can build a refined keyword search right into the widget...and then of course you can also change it and get results right in the cute box. Play around with it and see what you think. Better yet, put it on a couple of blogs/pages and see what your users think.


waltc said...

If you want a cleaner blog design, I'd suggest (1) changing to WordPress and running it as an subdomain, (2) contacting your friends, or some group like LSW, and asking for recommendations for good templates, (3) doing a little customization. I won't claim my blog is great-looking, but that route did it for me. ("LetterHead" with about half an hour's work on the CSS, if you're wondering.)

Alice said...

Thanks Walt. Yes, we need to clean up the design. We may even go "official" someday. But, we may not!