Wednesday, October 18, 2006

falling together

I have been running a mile a minute. It all started when I was down in Sonoma for the online community summit - catching up (along with my colleague Jasmine de Gaia) on the latest business, programming, and technology trends for online community building. I learned so much that I sort of feel like my head is about to burst, but the big take-aways for me were that we're on the brink of (1) business models that work and (2) technology that gets out of our way. Oh, and on a more personal note, I need to find some way to stay connected to the larger online community world - not just heads-down in library land all the time. On yet another personal note, while visiting Sonoma I had the chance to visit good friends in the Bay area. Though the trip brought extremely bad news for one good friend who learned (just the day before I arrived) that she has bonafide MS, I had a rockin' good time with her just the same, as well as with my old pal Brian Bannon (who's loving his new place at the San Francisco Public Library).

As if that isn't enough, I came home to (1) the first drafts of our WJ wireframes (they are so vastly improved from our current homepage that I just can't wait to show them off, soon), (2) three of our "WJ cousins" visiting Seattle from Dublin for the week - very fun, and (3) the extremely bad news (yet again) that my sister's meds haven't kicked in just yet (for those who may not know, she has breast cancer and is constantly switching meds around the keep the ugliness at bay). Non-emergent, but we're all sort of waiting with bated breath, literally.

Almost two weeks beyond the start of this post I'm busy following up with new and old pals from the summit, visiting with our visiting Rural Library Sustainability participants - what a joy to meet some of you for the first time outside of virtual space!, getting my thoughts together for internet librarian, and wading through a ton of applications for an open position at WebJunction. Too much?

It is quite a bit. But you know, it's exhilarating in many ways. To take so much in in so short a timeframe can certainly overwhelm, but it also leaves me feeling steeped in the wonder/balance that makes up who we are and what we call "life". Although it all could become a reason for falling apart, it seems rather an opportunity for falling together. Ultimately, I feel so lucky to have family, friends, and work that I love to such depth.

I'm reminded here of Alane's post a few months back - something like full brain, lazy post? Indeed. But I did want to's all good stuff.

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