Monday, October 02, 2006

We The People Need Happiness

Children/YA Librarians already know this, I'm sure. For the rest of us, check it out: 2,000 libraries will get 15 free books as part of the "Pursuit of Happiness" grant, administered by ALA and NEH in the "We the People" series.

As spotted on The Daily Flap. Applications end Jan. 31, 2007--so there is time to gather your throughts, forget about it and then still get it done before the Christmas hub-bub begins.

YOU may get some promotion with these titles, too. Maybe Uncle Sam comes and rides a bike through your library!


Anonymous said...

15 free books? And all you have to do is fill out a hefty application answering these questions...

* What programs will your district/system use to promote the We the People Bookshelf?
* How will the programs explore the theme of "Pursuit of Happiness"?
* How will the programs engage young readers?
* Are other (non-library) organizations involved in planning and implementing your programs?
* What strategies will the system/district use to encourage long-term use of the Bookshelf?

Then file online, then receive a pile of unprocessed books which will take special treatment to get on the shelves, then have this grant "administered"?

15 * 14 (average book price) = $210. $210 worth of unprocessed books plus staff time doesn't seem worth it.

Imagine if we went through this rigmarole for every book we added to our libraries. We the People, indeed.

Alice said...

!! You have made me laugh at the end of a day filled with silly details, my friend. True enough.

The pursuit of happiness for this program clearly was not intended for the library staffers!!