Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogrolling In Our Time

There are many weighty matters I mean to blog about but because they are weighty I need to be coherent and thoughtful as I write and I am not feeling either so will resort to an ouroboros post. We have here remarked on our collective uselessness at adding some of the features many other blogs have such as trackbacks and a blogroll.

I was happy to see a conversation about blogrolls on "Walt At Random" because the sum of it gave It's All Good absolution from having a blogroll. So, I declare on behalf of George and Alice that IAG is never going to have a blogroll.

One less thing to fret about.


waltc said...

And yet nobody mentioned It's all good. But I know exactly what you're saying.

And I agree, I think: For "It's all good," a blogroll would be a distraction. (As if the polka dots weren't distracting enough!)

Come July (or, rather, after ALA some time), I'll either mess with my pseudo-blogrolls or just get rid of them altogether. I'm leaning toward the latter...

Andy Havens said...

To blogroll or not?

It all depends on why you're blogrolling. There are two reasons I'm aware of, and all the excellent comments on the original post go to one of them; to provide readers with links to blogs that may be of interest to them. In that case, the writers are right; there may be better ways to share links, especially if you want to share lots of them in many categories.

However, in setting up blogrolls and providing links, you are also improving the search engine optimization (SEO) rankings of the blogs to which you link. In some cases, you may be doing so dramatically. If your blog ranks well on certain key-word searches, and you link to another blog that isn't doing as well, you can potentially give your blogrolled buddy a real boost.

When creating blogs for marketing purposes, blogroll swapping becomes an important art/science. You don't want to blogroll sites that will be in direct competition to you; that will pump their SEO stats and be (at best) a zero-sum game for your blog. On the other hand, blogroll parity is considered de rigeur when seeking promotion. What you want to look for are blogs that have a similar, yet not completely overlapping audience, or an overlapping audience, but not for a completely competing product, service or story-set.

All of this is, of course, moot, if you're blogging for fun, the love of words, and the joy of the community of the blogosphere.

As a feral marketer, though, I felt obliged to mention that we Sith also have uses for Dark Side of the Blogroll.

Alane said...

Andy, as an OCLC colleague--and a marketing one at that--I am afraid to admit we blog for the love of it rather than the marketing benefits! Besides, as a well brought up person I hate the idea that I might omit someone from the blogroll that should be there. And finally, the truth is we still can't figure out how to set up a blogroll!

So, OCLC hires feral marketers...I didn't know that :)