Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Some things are the same, the world over

Librarians love acronyms.

I just went to a panel presentation by some of the IFLA/OCLC Fellows and there were lots of acronyms.

It was strangely reassuring, to think that there are some aspects of librarianship--the urge to self-organize, to collaborate, and to gather together to think collectively about knowledge dispersement--some aspects may be quite universal in our profession.


Alane said...

Alice, you've become one with the borg! I know you have a Masters degree, but I also know it's not an library degree...and wrote "our profession". I hope George and I have not brainwashed you!

Alice said...

Egad. My apologies to the MLS-holding-IAG readers. My borg assimilation should stop soon...