Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Leaf and Librarian peeping

"Leaf-peeping" is in full swing in New England. At least according to my independent foliage source, Polly's Pancakes. So get your game on and come peep out with some pancakes on the side.

I can't believe I just wrote "peep out."

But speaking of New England, a PhD-turned-academic-librarian from Yale, Dr. Todd Gilman, has written a very nice article in the Chronicle Careers "First Person" today. (May require registration.)
The article is aptly named, "Show your Librarian Some Love" and he makes some great points. Among them today:
"Your students need the library and the librarians in it. If your students didn't get enough exposure to research education before your course (and trust me, they didn't) you owe it to them to bring them in."
Yeah! He's written plenty of great articles in the past, too. His post today reminds me of the academic advocacy ad we put together and made available for download and customization.

Art imitates Life which imitates Art.
Rock on.

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