Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Starbucks Book Break

Love 'em or hate 'em, Starbucks is doing more community activities that involve books. They've just launched a program, called Starbucks Book Break. Book Break is a Starbucks-hosted discussion group of For One More Day, planned for 25 locations and Mitch Albom (the writer) will attend 8 of them.
Press from Reuters. They've done social networking through

Sounds like Starbucks wants to move to the 3rd space to me!

And they've tapped into the idea of cause marketing, too, with the JumpStart tie-in. Cause marketing is big these days...especially with Gen Y.

If you're library is in one of these 25 areas

*Maybe you want to stock up on a few extra copies of the book.
*Maybe you'll contact your local Starbucks and see if you could put a poster up--promoting the idea that people can get copies of this book (and many others) at the library.
*Maybe you'll put a flyer up at your own library, do a display with Albom's other books, feature the audiobooks, and align yourself as a supporter of the Starbucks event. After all, people reading and getting together to talk about it is pretty central to the idea of the library!

If you're NOT a library in one of those 25 areas
--but you DO have a Starbucks in your community--
What if you contacted your local store to host your own Starbucks Book Break at the library? You can still have it Oct. 26.
If they'll supply the coffee and pastries, you'll supply the space and books! And you both can promote the event at your respective locations...

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