Friday, January 19, 2007

On a Culture of Participation

Device question.
In your professional opinion, do you think your patrons are more comfortable when asking questions/requesting information from a librarian in person or online?
1% In person
20% Online
15% Doesn't matter, either one
39% Do not feel patrons generally talk to librarians

Culture of Participation story.
Control is an issue--we can't control conversations.
Cluetrain Manifesto. We need to be human when we talk with each other. Human conversations dominate.

Another book to read: Wikinomics.

Michael is explaining the self-tagging exercise. Send in your tags in the comments section, if you like. We'll include you in our tabulations!

It's all about Experience, Play and Discovery.
Check out the cover of this month's

Does your library have a blog?
? % Yes at my public library
? % Yes at my public library
? % Yes at my public library
? % Yes at my academic library
? % Yes at my school library
? % Yes at my special or other library
54 % No, we don't have a blog at our library

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