Monday, January 29, 2007

this job rocks

I'm finally out of my delirious post-ALA-midwinter state. I have yet to actually follow up with all the people I've collected cards and other articles of connection from, but I have started to re-collect those cards and scribbles from my various portfolios and handbags, and that's a start. I've promised myself to get back into touch with these folks before the end of the week, and that's a public commitment.

Back at work and slightly rested I'm feeling incredibly giddy about my job. For one thing, ALApalooza always makes me feel giddy. Maybe there are stages of ALA conference or meeting recovery, but I still feel sort of like I'm on a post summer camp high. I love seeing all my peeps f2f, and meeting some new ones (especially from outside library land) as well. But there was also (seemed to me) a bit of a WebJunction buzz around the conference, and it perhaps helped that it was in our hometown, but it was fun nonetheless. Also feeling a bit in awe of my colleagues, those both at home and back in Dublin. Jenny, Alane, and Alice, I learn so much from you and I am honored to talk networks, netflix, or noir any day of the week! WebJunctioneers, and I say this to all of you, I am humbled to work with such a stellar group of super-smarty-pants people. WJ partners and members, I am so appreciative and energized by your commitment and advocacy for this fantastic community of library staff we're building together. Some of your testimonies at the conference and floating around email just afterwards have really made a huge impression - reminding us of why we're all here to begin with (changing the profession, supporting libraries). And from my colleagues beyond the WJ, of course, I draw just as much. From tips on vintage belt alternatives (Michael McG suggests a slender men's tie) to Patrick's I could live here! exclamations, and on to Rebecca's everlasting patience and guidance on all things writing and library related, I feel truly grateful to be in this profession with all of you. All that said, and I come to work today, the first "real" day after ALA since I was pretty much out of my mind all of last week, and my colleague is wearing this shirt:

love this shirt

It totally made my day. I'm not even gonna say that it doesn't get any better, because I know it does. It gets better. Isn't that cool? And I'm sure 1 zillion of you will beg to differ, but I definitely think that I have the best job in library land. Gush gush. Anyone know what the next stage is?


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the shirt?

Anonymous said...

It's from the webcomic Questionable Content (url:

The Shifted Librarian said...

Sorry, but I am going to beg to differ and argue that *I* have the best job in library land. :-p

Anthony said...

Sorry gals, I will have to 'one-up' you and say that I have the best job in library-land. Like Justin, I am bringing 'sexy back' to the library. Plus I get to live in Amsterdam for my job! Beat that one! Plus I get to chat up cool folk like you guys all the time and then write about it. Beat that!