Wednesday, April 09, 2008

prediction markets

Hey look! I'm blogging!

There's a special section in the NY Times today on technology innovation. The cover story is about prediction markets and their usefulness for business decision-making. Something about it unsettled me, at first, but then I started thinking about the possible applications a little closer to home. What if we could use such a tool to help direct the features we choose to build at WebJunction for our members there - it's a smallish set of the library profession (30K members, 70K visitors a month) or even help direct decision-making at OCLC with the wisdom of the membership of our vast, global cooperative. Would you make "bets" on what's coming and what's next if you could win an iPod? It has such a lovely tone of fun and gaming that I think people might actually 'play'.

I'd love to hear if anyone knows of any library-related application of prediction markets *in libraries*. If our patrons could bet on the future of the library - where would that be?


njetx said...

Sounds like a great application for prediction markets!

I'm with Hubdub which is a news prediction game.

However you should probably try out some of the enterprise solutions like Xpree or Inkling. They aren't specific to libraries but they can be easily tailored to what you need to do. Sounds like a great experiment.

chrystie said...

thanks njetx, nice to see you here at IAG. i'll look into the enterprise solutions you pointed me to. thanks again!